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In 1998 a group of musicians started a “garage band” called the DC-6 Band whose namesake was based on an airliner that in the 1950’s was considered “best in her class”. Band members were comprised of a musician who flew the DC-6, veterans of local bands, up and coming musicians inspired to follow a dream, and seasoned artists who just wanted to be the “best in their class”. Over the 17 years of performing, many friendships were developed, band members came, left, and even past away following their dream. In every case, the original members of the band have always been dedicated to bringing the band to the next level, focused on engaging our audience. The formula for our success has always contained the ingredient, “continue to have fun “and “engage our audience”. The list of those who have contributed to our success is long and includes fans, family and businesses that have supported us all these years. To all of you, our heartfelt thanks! It is with regret that the DC-6 Band will retire and focus on health, family and friends. We wish the best to those who will continue their quest to perform and entertain. Rock On!

Bill Prifogle, founding member of the “DC-6 Band”.